About Us

We are successfully finished 13 years

WARINGIN INTERNUSA JASA PRATAMA was established with notary certificate no. 80 dated August 23rd, 1995 made by notary ST. SINDHUNATA, Master of Law in Surabaya. Moreover we also have operational license issued by Commerce Department no. 217/13-1/PB/V/1996 dated May 17th, 1996 and registered AFASID:0020, 0061 & 0074 thus we are able to conduct operational activities around Indonesia and fumigation in certain countries.

Pest management has become a must, yet many aspects/factors that have to be considered such as : the resistance of pest, the effect on environment, and the most important is human safety. Because the control treatments still use chemicals although the usage is in strict supervision and as needed only.

By considering those important aspects/factors, PT. WARINGIN INTERNUSA JASA PRATAMA supported by skilled and trained technicians and entomologists, ready to provide the best service in accordance with our motto protecting your health, environment, property and your business.

Now our company has hundreds of employees and will kepp on increasing year by year spreading to our several branch offices.